New Github Project – Address Book

I have published a new project to GitHub. This is a web based version of the existing TKinter desktop address book.
Address Book on GitHub. The general idea is a stand-alone browser based version that runs on CherryPy and Python 3.4. This is the initial commit with more features and changes coming. However, it runs great, is stable, (but labeled beta) and a great way to learn about python web-based programming if you are interested. Please keep in mind that I’m a Microsoft C# hero by day and a Python Ninja on nights and weekends. So, be constructive and helpful if criticizing and ask good questions if you have them.

Currently, it supports the same functionality of the TKinter version so see the documentation for that version if you need more details. I look forward to adding features such as multiple address databases, authentication, authorization, and restful API services for this software at some point in the future.

In case you missed the TKinter version it is located here: