Google and Bing Search Alternatives

Google and Bing: Search Alternatives

Given that Google and Bing search results seem to be leaving much to be desired lately I cobbled together some links. The following links are alternative search engines and alternative ways to find information.

Internet directories, have been around for a long time, some are very good; and even easier to use than generic search engines.


Gigablast is one of the originals almost as old as Google and still the only search engine left which maintains it’s own search indexes. Many other search engines simply pull data from Google and bing and Gigablast does not. Additionally, Gigablast has a directory and is the only search engine to completely “open-source” their code. This means, if you wanted to; you could build your own search engine from Gigablast’s code base.


Yacy, is a search by the people and for the people as a Peer to Peer networking search software. Simply setup a Yacy instance (install and run it) and you have a personal web crawler and search engine which is neither tracked nor advertised.


Good Gopher is a specialty search engines that tries to exclude the big search engines from it’s results so you are sure to get results from more independent web sites. Good Gopher doesn’t track you or your searches and falls into the category of trackless search engines. Good Gopher does not rely on data feeds from Google or Bing and is a huge plus.


Based on Google content. However, you get a clean search interface that is not “heavily advertised” and the advertising that does exist is clear and plain. This reminds me of how Google used to be and they claim they don’t do targeted advertising but are very private focused.


DDG is based on results from other search engines and they don’t track you, or “bubble” your results like other search engines. This means you are showed what you want not what they want you to see. However, because they are pulling data from other search engines the data is subject to influence by other engines. For example, if Google or Bing were to sensor their own data you may not see that in DDG either. Privacy is important to DDG so check them out.

Exact Seek

Exact seek is both a search engine and search directory. They offer targeted local search as well as local directory listings. They are well organized and offer free listing services for a variety of needs. They also have blog search where results are collected from blogs. This is a nice feature not seen in other search engines. This website also provides some great alternatives for business that will free your business from reliance on Google or Bing.

Internet Directories – have been around long before search engines and several are still as good as if-not-better-than search engines. Remember Yahoo started out as a directory and it was loved by millions but sadly they now use Bing search instead of their own Yahoo data and the directory is gone. So, give one of these directories a try as an alternative to Google and Bing.

Green Stalk


Best of The Web

What U Seek

Sun Steam

HR Web

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