Project Made In America Great Again!


Project Made In America Great Again! The Good Stuff

Project “Made In America Great Again! The Good Stuff. “ is a project I recently completed. I built this project because one day while trying to find a gift for someone I noticed it was difficult to find products made explicitly in the U.S.A. without a lot of time-consuming digging. I also noticed none of the major shopping websites featuring American made products first on the list of search results. So, I built this project to make finding American made products easier.

Built with Django and Amazon

The project was built using Python 3.5 with Django and is an integration with the Amazon products API. The graphics, layout and design are all mine but don’t hold that against me as I’m not a graphic designer.

The layout and design is intended to be drop-dead-simple, super easy to read, and mobile friendly.
I purposefully left out fancy menus, pop-ups, advertising and banners to make the website blazing fast.
All of the stuff you typically see on a common shopping website really slows you down when trying to search for a product and I wanted to avoid this in my design. You know what I mean; you scroll to the bottom of a page just to be greeted with a pop-up-overlay asking you to buy something else. Man, that is annoying! Annoying doesn’t belong on my website and is why its a simple design.

Real Time Data

The API interface I built for this project is a real-time interaction with the Amazon API which displays the following:

  • Only Products Made In USA
  • Only Available Products
  • Only Current Pricing
  • Only the top 50 most relevant products

Azure Cognitive Services

This project additionally implements and integrates Microsoft Azure cognitive search services API. The intent is to provide a advertising free way to search for manufacturers information. This means, at time of publishing this post; users can either use canned-searches from Amazon (which are affiliate links from Amazon API) or Cognitive Search by Microsoft’s Azure API.

The Microsoft Azure Cognitive search implementation only contains data from manufacturers listed on the
USA Creators
website. I will be adding more functionality and more manufacturers in the near future. This will expand search results across hundreds of additional “Made In USA” manufacturers and creators. Below is the links for search and additional information with more details.

America and Americans First!

As for the slogan and tag-line; isn’t it important to support our fellow Americans by purchasing products made in the U.S.A. if we can? I think so and I hope you do to.

Please join me in making this list larger by visiting and suggesting additional American manufacturers and creators to add.


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