Articles I’ve Written On


This post is just a mention of articles I’ve written on other websites regarding C# object modeling and HTML 5.

Using the concept of an Atom to provide an object oriented example in C#

Object Modeling in the C# Programming Language

Constructs Covered

  • Object Oriented Programming (OOO)
  • nested types
  • generics
  • tuples
  • constructors

Several topics on HTML 5 using a grid as an example

HTML 5 Editable Grid Example

Constructs Covered

  • HTML 5
  • JavaScript – Closures
  • JavaScript – Array – old and newer iterations (forEach vs for …)
  • Javascript – Table Sorting (HTML 5 Table)
  • Javascript – How to dynamically insert rows into an HTML table using JavaScript
  • Javascript – Unobtrusive Javascript (JS that is not attached directly to HTML elements in the HTML code).
  • Javascript – Ternary operation
  • CSS 3 – Advanced table properties
  • Yahoo – APIs PURE