Kiva & Helping People Update September 2018

A lending update for help I provided via Kiva.

It has been a while since I’ve given an update on my Kiva loans. I am now at 70 plus loans helping more than 100 people. Below is a Kiva link with more details about how it’s going. While you are there please consider joining Kiva!.

For anyone that doesn’t yet know what Kiva is. Kiva is a micro-lending company that relies on donors to provide loans for people across the globe who don’t have access to cash for farming, business, food, clothing, and other things. The idea is; you simply loan money, expect nothing in return and when repaid repeat; for the next person in need of help.

As will all help in the form of loans or cash you assume that money provided is at risk of non-payment so don’t lend what you cannot afford to lose. However, if you look at my lending page you will see that nearly all of my loans have been paid back freeing up funds for additional lending.


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Loans I’ve Provided

People reached by loans
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See the people I’ve helped at the link below.

My Lending Page: Kiva.Org Helping People